Finalyzed is an NJ based technology, finance and marketing consulting firm with 20+ years experience in banking, finance, insurance and logistics.

Aside from our expertise and track record in business technology advisory and delivery, what sets us apart are our data-driven insight, creative problem solving and cross-pollination of ideas.


Lead Consultant

Sameer Sirdeshpande is a seasoned executive and business advisor with long experience in running international business technology teams.

He was formerly a management consultant at leading New York firms including the Mitchell Madison Group and Arthur Andersen, where he consulted to senior management at firms including IBM Global Services, Chase, Hartford Insurance and AIG.

He has also run three technology startups in the operating capacities of: management, capital raising, technology, business strategy, business development, partnership development, marketing, sales and finance.

Sameer holds a graduate engineering degree from the University of Southampton in the UK / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Cornell University.

He brings over 20 years experience in management, business consulting, technology and hands on operations to help early stage companies accelerate their business plan by growing revenue and valuation.