E-Commerce And Accounting Integration

Do you find your staff are increasingly tied up each day doing manual typing to transfer information between your e-commerce website, CRM (customer relationship management) system, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and/or accounting systems like Quickbooks?

Do you wish there was a way to connect together the different systems at your company to streamline your operations in a way useful to your business, at a reasonable cost?

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E-commerce and inventory management

As your firm grows and you become more sophisticated in selling your products online, it keeps getting harder to provide consistent customer service.

Even when you purchase specialized technology for e-commerce or inventory management, your team can find it an increasing burden to keep the information in those systems in sync with each other as your business volumes grow.

It's not just a technical issue: you need a clear strategy and approach to set your firm on a path for sustained growth without getting stuck in the weeds.

Finalyzed offers cost-effective solutions to automatically synchronize your e-commerce / website system with your inventory management / ERP (enterprise resource planning) and accounting systems. This frees up your team to focus on sustaining high quality customer service and on increasing sales.


crm (customer relationship management) and marketing automation

As your customer set grows, you seek to broaden your marketing mix to incorporate inbound marketing and targeted content marketing beyond traditional SEO.

Inbound and content marketing help to:

  • Position you clearly against your competition
  • Help your best customer prospects find you and identify with you online.

Many great technology solutions exist to facilitate your growth in this area. However, transitioning your staff and day-to-day processes to make best use of them isn't trivial. It takes a clear, business-focused strategy and capable project execution to avoid the pitfalls, reduce frustration and get results as quickly as possible.

Finalyzed has years of experience in helping small and medium businesses successfully make this transition.


accounting integration

As your customer base and transaction volumes grow, the accounting starts to get more complex. More product returns, specialized transactions, bulk or discounted sales, new business categories that need more work to keep the accounting numbers straight.

Many small firms start by manually entering transaction information into their accounting package, or exporting GL transactions from their e-commerce system into accounting. As your business grows, the time, cost and "messiness" at audit and tax time just keeps getting worse!

Finalyzed works with you, your bookkeeper and your CPA firm using cost-effective technology to streamline the information flow from your sales, e-commerce and CRM systems into your accounting system. This reduces risk, headaches, time and expense for everyone at books closing and at tax time.

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