Renewables Lead Generation Services

Successful companies are built on well-functioning, well-positioned and well-differentiated products and services that solve real problems for real people at the right price.

We help you develop your software products, connect you to your best customers / strategic partners, and raise value-added capital to build and grow your firm.


Identify and secure projects

Capital is the lifeblood of a successful, growing firm.

Having the right amount of capital from the right sources at the right time on the right terms is crucial to maximizing the valuation of your business.

Capital can come from many sources: traditional Angel / Seed / Super-Angel / Venture Capital / Private Equity, or debt / equity crowdfunding both within the US as well as from global investors.

We believe the best capital isn't just about money: it comes with the right connections and influence that open doors for your firm and accelerates your business plan in ways you can't imagine.

We work with you to creatively identify and source the capital you need from the right mix of options, while helping you make the right trade-offs for your specific business situation.


Develop financial model

Growing B2B (Business to Business) sales is very different to growing sales to consumers.

For B2B (enterprise or corporate sales), we help you find and build relationships with your best customers and strategic partners using both time-tested as well as innovative ways to position, price and sell your products and services to them via development of warm leads (no cold calling permitted!).

For B2C (Business to Consumer) sales, we focus on only the most effective guerilla marketing techniques to cost-effectively find and grow your most engaged and valuable audience.


build & Maintain solar assets

Do you have a great idea for a software product, but seek technical help to execute your vision?

We can help you build world-class software product based on the latest cloud and mobile technologies in an economic way that dovetails tightly with your business plan.

Our full-stack global software team has award-winning UX/UI design and robust development capabilities for websites, mobile apps, analytics, big data, artificial intelligence and integration.